Can I get an overdraft, a credit card or a loan through indó?

Yes, we have started offering overdrafts and prepaid salaries. You can apply for both in the indo app under "account" in the top right corner when you open your indó app. 

For the time being, it will be possible to get a overdraft up to  ISK 500,000. and for up to 6 months. Prepaid salary is a ISK 25,000. free loan that is available from at the end of the month.  

Since we are a small savings bank, we want to take cautious steps when we starting to lend. We are  starting to lending slowly and learn from it - so the loan conditions are stricter in the beginning, but we hope to expand the conditions in the near future.


We don't have a credit card, but we really want to hear why you want a credit card. 

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